Friday, August 17, 2012

Leaving Ottawa in Ten Days!

I'm officially leaving Ottawa in ten days to study at the University of Wyoming for 9 months! I recently received a Fulbright Scholarship ( if you're interested in applying) to study under Dr. Mark Clementz. I will be investigating isotopic signatures in the hard tissues of pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) from the USA and Canada. I have to say that I am excited.

I applied to Dr. Clementz' and Dr. Rybczynski's labs in 2010 to start a PhD program. It was a difficult decision but I decided to pursue my PhD at Carleton and the Canadian Museum of Nature with Dr. Rybczynski. Now that I have received the Fulbright scholarship it feels like I am getting the best of both worlds. So in a couple of weeks I will be saying a temporary goodbye to Ottawa and will be heading to Laramie, Wyoming.

Laramie is about 2 hours northwest of Denver, Colorado. According to Wikipedia, Laramie is home to only 31,000 people and the University of Wyoming has approximately 14,000 students. At the University of Wyoming I will have access to a stable isotope laboratory, which is something that Carleton does not have. I hope that the experience will broaden my skill set and, let's face it, get me some more publications!

Aside from research, Laramie is located near several national parks and there is ample opportunity for enjoying the great outdoors. There is even a nearby ski hill (although I can't speak for it's quality, yet). I have been missing snowboarding since moving to Ontario. Skiing in the west is significantly better than in the east and I refuse to lower my standards.

It will be a challenge to be away from Canada for so long. It is somewhat difficult to travel into or out of Laramie as the nearest international airport is in Denver. But I am up for the challenge and look forward to interacting with the students in Laramie!


  1. Congratulations Danielle,

    Your family is very proud of you and 9 months is really just a short time. Study hard.

    Auntie Buf